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We all want to achieve financial freedom, protect our hard earned wealth, and enjoy an abundance of free time to spend as we please. The challenge is figuring out how.

The diagram below gives you a framework for creating more time and money in your life. We call it the Freedom Temple. Think of it like your personal roadmap to freedom - it's the easiest way to determine where you are in your journey and where you need to go next.

This comprehensive system is backed by a real law firm with real attorneys. And those attorneys just so happen to be real estate investors themselves.

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Asset protection doesn't have to stop at the LLC or insurance. Lock your assets in a concrete vault, hidden behind layers of legal protections designed to demotivate and deny attackers. Force them to leave empty handed and discouraged.

This legal structure is the key to affordable asset protection that streamlines your banking, taxes, and day-to-day operations.

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The diagram above shows a complete asset protection structure. There's an Operations, or Shell, Company (via a Traditional LLC), an Asset Holding Company (via the Series LLC), Anonymous Land Trusts, and so much more.

Each of these are powerful on their own, but combined they form an impenetrable fortress around your assets. Let's take a closer look at how some of this stuff works...

The Traditional LLC

Most people use traditional LLCs to perform every business function. This is convenient, but if you own more than two assets, it exposes you to unnecessary risk.

More secure ways to use the LLC is as an Shell (or Operating) Company if you have multiple assets, or as an Asset Holding Company if you don't.

Notice that when used as a Shell Company, it's intentionally split off from the Asset Holding Company. This is known as separation and it's one of many ways to protect your assets from a lawsuit.


At the top right of the diagram, we have the Asset Holding Company. This entity holds your assets and can scale to infinity. 

The parent series can spin off an infinite number of children, which behave like Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Key differences include price (a couple hundred vs a couple thousand per entity) and management (operate under a single bank account and a single set of books).

The Series LLC from Royal Legal Solutions
The Anonymous Land Trust from Royal Legal Solutions

Did you know your personal information available on the internet? In fact, it's possible to find out what you own and how much you're worth within seconds of learning your name.

One of the cheapest ways to defend yourself is to use Land Trusts to wrap yourself in anonymity. It'll make you look like a beggar on paper - and nobody sues people who look like beggars.

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Within 1 month I went from being completely vulnerable to being totally protected, and I've never had to think about it again since [Scott's] staff takes care of all the maintenance and legal work as I grow. My portfolio keeps expanding and I rest easy knowing that my future is secure.

Scott sutherland

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Anonymous Series LLC


Our most valuable asset is our time. Working with Royal Legal Solutions has given me peace of mind and allowed me to consolidate my time. I feel completely protected and I'm not running around wasting a bunch of time.


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I wouldn't be able to pull off an estate plan, a Series LLC, a traditional LLC, and a Solo 401k by myself at this pace. Other people said they could do it faster, but I felt [like they gave] a very cookie cutter approach. It got outside of their box pretty quick. The first time speaking with you, I remember going, "Oh yeah, this makes a lot of sense."


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The most important thing in real estate and life is who you do it with. Having a great team makes all the difference, but finding the right people can be uniquely challenging. Who do you need? And how do you tell if they have your best interests at heart?

Ultra rich investors have solved this by creating their own, personal Family Office. They have attorneys, CPAs, coaches and a host of other specialized services watching their back at every turn.

Now it's your turn. Need legal advice on an upcoming real estate transaction? Just schedule a free meeting with one of our attorneys. Want to optimize year end taxes? Talk to one of our CPAs.

Why spend years building your own real estate dream team when you can use ours instead?


Join Scott on Episode 109 of the Bigger Pockets Podcast as he blows the host's minds with 60-minutes of advanced legal insights and strategies.

  • "I don't learn a whole lot from real estate books. Today I learned more than I've learned in the last 20 years combined. My brain is bleeding, there's so much going on."
  • ​There's some tips in here that blow your mind."
  • ​"Rich people don't own things. Rich people control things."
  • "​It's in [the insurance company's] best interest to deny coverage. You don't have any friends when you get sued."
  • "​The real estate industry is the most litigated area of law. It is not a question of if you're going to be sued, it's a question of when and what position you'll be in to defend yourself when that happens."

These quotes were just from the first few minutes of the podcast. Play the video below for many more.

Grand Cardone and Scott Smith


"I want to come back on your show. What you're doing for real estate investors is a phenomenal value."

Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author and Forbes listed him #1 of the "25 Marketing Influencers to watch in 2017." His five privately held companies generate more than $100 million in yearly revenue. He's regarded as the #1 sales trainer in the world and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.

He made an appearance on Scott's podcast, the Real Estate Nerds, where they talked about his approach to real estate and why asset protection is so important.

Grand Cardone and Scott Smith


"Value bombs are being dropped, Fire Nation, and Scott is just getting warmed up."

Scott visits the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast and host John Lee Dumas. Tune in for legal strategies that apply to beginners and experts alike, like:

  • Learn why everybody in the U.S. needs an LLC 
  • ​Discover the ugly truth about insurance
  • ​Protect yourself against lawsuits by using anonymous trusts
Jake and Gino, Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast with Scott Smith


"What you're doing for real estate investors is a phenomenal value."

Listen to this episode of the Wheelbarrow Profits podcasts and learn how Scott first discovered asset protection while playing for the other side as a litigator. Some notable quotes include...

  • "In real estate, you want an attorney and a CPA, and you want them both to be real estate investors themselves. "
  • "People hold property in their personal name and think insurance is enough, then when they find out insurance isn't enough they get taken to the cleaners. "
  • ​"You always want to make it as difficult and expensive for your enemy as possible. "
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